Mark Palma provides professional web and custom software development to small and medium sized businesses and as well as large companies locally and all over the world. I specialize on web development and helped many businesses make their online presence known and even impressed their competitors. I am passionate at what I do and I really love to help you.

Here's a list of the services that I offer.

Web & Interface Design

Identity & Brand Design

Search Engine Optimization

Web Design and Development

I design and develop websites using the advanced technologies and standards to fulfill my client’s needs and provide them the best web presence.

“Web solutions are my forte.”

Nowadays, providing the best web solutions for your business objectives and customer needs is very hard to the online success and evolution of your company. Hence, I am here to provide you the best web solutions you need because these are my forte.

My websites are develop for accessibility, following the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) guidelines and best practices. In practicing this, it only means that I help you increase your website visitors, enhanced search status on search engines, ease of maintenance, and no fear of litigation.

Identity and Brand Design

You want an exquisite web solution, but may also consider efficiency and accessibility to the user, and something which reflect your identity? I craft straight forward brands and identity designs for any industries around the world. I want to bring your ideas to be visualized by the means of creative and unique branding.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of various techniques to improve a web site's ranking in the search engines and thus attract more visitors.

Web presence is useless unless you will have a better ranking from the top search engines. I offer a wide range of SEO solutions and services that will help you stand ahead of your competitors.

CMS (Content Management System)

The online content management system that I offer will help you organize and do CAUD (create, add, update and delete) your website's content and make sure that everything that is written there is essential. Below are some of the benefits:

1.  Reduce on on-going maintenance costs.
2.  Allows you to add latest and creative content to your website that will catch your
     visitors attention and make your website more rewarding.
3.  Add topical content to your website which will encourage a higher number of visits
     to your website. This will also help to raise you site's profile and be in the top rank
     in popular search engines.
4.  Update your website without needing to install specialist software on your computer
     or learn new technical skills.

Great work man. You are a true genius!
Thanks for all of your hard & professional work.

Alfred Rodriguez,
Inner Loop, Realtors®
TWFG Insurance Services

Truly, Mark Palma is always great! Mark produces design ideas and results that exceeds our expectations. We're proud to refer him to our suppliers. Thanks a lot.

Jayde Alansalon, Marketing Director
Zealan Place

I was very happy with my new website. Simple, clean, very comprehensive. You did a great job Mark!

Cathy Gagan-Cho, D.M.D.,
Dentist, Gagan-Cho Dental Clinic

Thanks Mark for the excellent communication and support. Surely, we'll be working together again in the future.

Paolo de Leon, Managing Director
Big Apple Tree Learning Club

Thank you for working on our website. It's a job well done!

Nyay Volante, Manager
Blurhyme Entertainment & Productions

effective stratery, we create websites for start-ups and medium-sized companies

Mark Palma Media has been working with different clients from start-ups to medium sized businesses all over the world since 2006.
My goal is to provide effective strategy and quality web design.

I design engaging front-ends and develop user friendly interfaces while keeping web standards and usability aspect in mind. I love what I do.
To know more about me and my web services, view my portfolio or you may reach me on my contact us page. You might as well want to read my blog.

If you're ready to dominate the competition, get in touch with me today.

Phone +63 927 127 2763
Skype markpalma99

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